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The Sticker

The Lodging


What we did

Went to visit my Alma matter - Villanova University 

Visited my old haunts.  I was so surprised to see my old bartender (Jim) still at the bar I closed down more than I care to admit - Gillian's.  He filled me up with three pints of Guiness and I think I narrowly escaped the traditional final drink of the evening - a shot of Jamesons.  We then ran around the corner and even though I was full I just had to get a slice of Sicilian at Bella Italia.  Great two days.  

The Recipes

Once again we were in a hotel, so we just ate out quite a bit.  However the kids did get to experience their first real Cheesesteak at Dellasandro's in Philly.  Peter had the best reaction - "I would live here for this".