The Pictures

The Sticker

We were tired and forgot to place the sticker anywhere on this visit.  We hope to remember in the airport in Shannon on the way out and then we can update this location.


The Lodging

We stayed in a VRBO rental on a farm in Newmarket on Fergus.  Our landlady - Noreen, was super sweet and baked us scones for our arrival.  Unfortunately the house smelled like mold, they charged us extra for electricity and there was no heat.  To top it off the dog you can see to the left of the red door barked all night long right below our window which literally kept us up all night on our last day there.  What should have been a relaxing stay on a farm was a bit of a nightmare for our first stop overseas.   However, everyone was up for the challenge and we made the best of it.  

What we did

When we first landed in Ireland, we quickly made it through immigration and found ourselves with about 5 hours to burn before we could check into the farmhouse.  We got our rental car and then headed over to Ennis, which was close by.  On the way we saw signs for the Cliff of Moher, and decided to go.  It was a cloudy morning, but clear, and the views were amazing.  A great start to the overseas portion of the trip.

We took a few trips into Ennis (the picture above is from the high street), which we found charming and a great way to settle into life abroad.  The town was easy to get around and had everything we needed to get. 

The Recipes