East Leach garden--

I contacted the owner, Stephanie, to arrange a time to visit.  This is her private estate that she and her husband created over the past thirty years. The day of my visit, I found her mowing her back woodland area, and she explained that she had 1 full time gardener to help her maintain her 15 acre property. She said she's slowed a bit since reaching her eightieth year! 

Curving paths edged with box run from corner to corner crossing the central rill over a clapper bridge.  The water falls over thirteen carved stone steps , each producing a different sound effect, down to a circular pond .  The focal point of the Rill Garden is the crescent of nine Sorbus aria lutescens at the bottom of the slope, which draws the eye to the view beyond. 


Walled garden with a raised fountain area that overlooks 2 knot gardens.