We had a great 5 night stay in London.  We lived in London in 2001, so it was great to be back in the city.  However, this was also the checkpoint where we said goodbye to Grandma Shirley after almost 4 weeks together so there was some bittersweet moments.  

The stay started off rough because the flat we rented in Notting Hill was not cleaned properly before our arrival.  Stains on the floor, dirty pots and pans, mold in the bathroom and worst of all, hair in the beds and on the pillowcases.  This led to Pete's first real meltdown on the road.  However, Stacie came in and kicked some ass and fixed it all.  Not only did she get the apartment cleaned, sheets washed, new pillows, and the shower caulked, but she got us our entire stay for free - ROCKSTAR!

We spent the five days walking all over the city (most of us walked, Peter limped, still hobbled by his broken toe) and visited the major attractions as well as a lot of our old stomping grounds.  The weather continued to cooperate and we spent nearly all day, everyday out and about.

On Friday night the girls went for a spa treatment at the Mayfair Hotel and Spa.  They had a wonderful time until the actual spa treatments began.  Lea had been to manicure / pedicures before, but never full body treatments.  The treatments were supposed to be together, but in the end the girls were in separate treatment rooms and Lea had to deal with the unfamiliarity of a full body wrap.  We met the girls after the treatment for some fabulous Indian food and laughed through dinner as Lea told us how much she "enjoyed" the spa.

The Pictures

These pictures have some special meaning for us.  We went back to some of the old stomping grounds we used to hang out at when we lived in London to re-create some pictures.

The Sticker

The Lodging

What We Did