#20 - prague, czechoslovakia


Prague was another city I had visited in my earlier travels, this time it was the backpacking trip I did after college.  I can understand why I liked it so much then, because the city is made to party.  For us it was not so much of a party as we were really just recovering from the overnight train ride from hell and a night of not sleeping because of the New Years eve party in our hotel.  In reality we only had about 48 hours in town before we were set to fly out to Chamonix, so we did not have lot of time .  However, we did enjoy a little of what Prague had to offer including some great Thai food (makes perfect sense) a nice walking tour and some great street pastries called Trdelnik.  The city really is charming and if it weren't for the sleep deprivation and rain, I am sure we would have had a blast there.  

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