May 3rd, 2015 - Koh Lanta, Thailand - Day 262

18 years ago today Stacie and I were on an island as well.  The island was St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands and we were 25 and 26 years old respectively.  We were not there on a vacation, we were there to get married.  Today was our anniversary and I cant think of a better place to spend it.  

The day was pretty normal.  We had our long walk at the beach in the morning and then after breakfast we went across the street and rented scooter to head into town to go to the main market.  We were running low on supplies and the mini-mart across the street did not have what we needed.  We arrived downtown around 11 and as soon as we got off the scooters we could feel the heat engulf us.  

Downtown Saladan

There is a difference between 96 degrees on the beach with a nice breeze and 96 in a town with no breeze and the concrete and asphalt soaking up the sun.  

We walked around the town for a little while to see what the shops had to offer and pretty quickly realized there was not much to see, other than the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight, which everyone was watching - literally everyone.  So after about a half hour of wandering we decided to head over to the Lanta Mart to get our supplies.  Unfortunately we did not realize it was Sunday (we have completely lost track of time) and all the grocery stores were closed.  So we decided to go grab some lunch at a place that we have wanted to go to since we arrived on the island - Time for Lime.  Unfortunately, Time for Lime was closed on Sundays as well, so we decided to cut our losses and head back to our neck of the woods for lunch at Miami - the old standby.  Lunch was solid and afterwards we headed back indoors to get out of the heat.  

For dinner Stacie and I asked the kids if they minded spending a night at home alone so we could have an anniversary dinner alone and of course they had no issue with that.  Stacie and I wandered down the beach a little further than Miami to a new joint called the Majestic Bar.  As we walked up the very kind owner came out and greeted us.  She set us up on some cushions with a little table right on the beach in the sand - it was perfect.  I decided to leave the camera at home so we could just focus on the evening instead of pictures and I am so glad I did.  The evening was amazing.  We enjoyed the best mojitos we have ever had, an incredible laid back beach bar, one of the most spectacular sunsets we have ever seen and an incredible conversation.  We both continue to be shocked that after nine months together all we want is more time with each other.  We are truly blessed.  

Like I mentioned above, the sunset was truly stunning and had I brought my camera I would have spent the entire time taking pictures.  Fortunately the owner was taking pictures and came over and showed them to us.  She then posted them to Facebook so we could download them later.  I think it was the best of our 18 wonderful anniversaries and a night I will never forget!