#19 - Krakow, poland


I had been to Krakow in high school as part of the European History Tour I went on.  I remember loving it when I was 16 and thought the family would too, but was a little uncertain since it was nearly 30 years ago (man is that hard to write).  In addition we did want to visit one concentration camp while we were on the tour and since Auschwitz is just outside of Krakow, it seemed like a good place to add to the itinerary and we are all glad we did.  Krakow is such a charming city and has the most wonderful people and food.  We did not stay long there, only a couple of days, but our time there will be fondly remembered.  We celebrated New Years eve in Krakow which was an adventure we will not soon forget.  Our trip to Auschwitz was as emotional and challenging as we all expected and left an indelible mark on all of us - especially because we were there in freezing conditions which made it easier to understand just how hard life was there.

We are great food, shopped for warm clothes, endlessly raided the Club Lounge in the Sheraton and overall truly enjoyed our stay in Krakow.  

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