December 30th 2014 - Krakow, Poland - Day 135

The town wall

We had a nice easy day today.  We were all still pretty tired from the travel and lack of sleep, so we decided to have a nice long morning including a big breakfast and a long workout before heading outside.  

It is a blessing on a trip like this when you find wonderful lodging.  I know it might sound ridiculous, but the more you travel the more you know about what you need/like and what you don't.  We have had some incredible lodging on this trip and some not so incredible lodging.  This was a hotel stay for us, which can be a real treat or can be a complete hassle, like the Sheraton in Rome, in this case it was a dream.  The Sheraton Krakow is an extremely well run hotel with great amenities.  It did not hurt that my Platinum SPG status got us access to an amazing club lounge and free breakfast (huge buffet and omelette station).  So when we get into a situation like this we like to take advantage of it and linger a bit.  

Lea and I had some homework to do, so we bucked down and started preparing for her last module of math test and when we were done we all headed out to explore the old town.  Krakow really is a wonderful city and we had a great time just exploring, shopping and people watching.

Exploring Krakow on foot - slippery

After our time out we headed back to the hotel for some down time before dinner.  We had another great dinner out.  On a side note I would look like a polish sausage if I lived here - the food is great, but eating sausage and pierogis with every meal seems like a requirement.  

Sausage, sausage everywhere - food stand in the Christmas Market

Overall a really nice mellow day on the trip.  Tomorrow is Auschwitz and everyone is a bit dreading the emotion that is sure to come along with a visit like this.  

I think I will pass on this place

I think I will pass on this place