Today we went to a city called Bath, first we went on a two hour-free walking tour through Bath and learned  all about its history, it was very cool. Our tour guide, Joy, talked to us about living back then, and it sounded very hard they had a huge difference in life expectancy between the rich and the poor, the poor would live to be 27 and the rich would live to be 53. As we walked the streets, we would see many interesting things, for example, if you buy a house that was used in a historical area it not only would be extremely expensive you also couldn’t change anything in the house. Another thing is the doors, when the architect, John Wood,  first made the circle (a circle of houses), he made the doors all white. It was only until later after he had died that a lady moved into an  house that she had decided that she wanted to change the curtains and the door so she decides that she wants to change them to radiant, yellow. Of course, the neighbors got mad, so she decided to tone down the color a little. Then they took it to court and soon enough they made her get rid of the curtains, but she got to keep her very special door. Overall we had a great time on the tour, and I would do another tour if I got the same experience as I did with Joy. We left Bath at about 5 and got home at about 6:30 and because we were so tired we decided to just have cereal for dinner and go to bed.