Testing our Olympus OM-D vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera

This morning we had a beautiful sunrise up at the cabin in Donnelly, Idaho.  I have been thinking a lot about the technology we are going to bring with us on the road and have been wondering about pictures.  We did some investigation into cameras and decided we did not want to lug around our DSLR and as a result we decided to sell all of our Cannon gear including some really nice lenses and move to a mirror-less Micro 4/3 setup.  After some investigation we went with the Olympus OM-D.  It's an awesome camera, super light and full functioning with interchangeable lenses which are small and light.  However, one thing has been plaguing me, I really like the pictures I take with my Samsung Galaxy S4.  I am not a photographer, but I love great pictures and really want to be able to get great shots while we are on the road.  

So for the last few weeks I have been meaning to compare a shot from the OM-D with the S4 and today was the day.  

I took the shots within seconds of each other and then uploaded them to Google Photos where I did a little bit of post processing on each.  

Here is the OM-D

Here is the Samsung S4

I still have a lot to learn in using the OM-D, but I have to say, the S4 can certainly hold its own given that I can keep it in my pocket with ease.  For anything requiring a long range zoom, the OM-D will kill the S4, but for simple point and shoot I think the S4 will be my go to camera.