Life in England

I finally feel like we can catch our breath now that we have settled down. It has been pretty hectic moving so much, and we've had our share of obstacles. Pete has had tech issues in every town/city we've visited, playing school with 1 tween and 1 teen isn't easy, and figuring out how to use a combo wash/dry machine that doesn't disintegrate your clothes has been a challenge. This crazy contraption takes 4.5 hours to do about 4 items...stupid invention in my opinion! We've also had our share of dirty apartments. Our last property manager thought cleaning meant flipping the pillow over. We found most beds had many hairs on the back side of each pillow and most pots were put away dirty. Lovely.

Now that we have clean clothes, a clean house, and food in our pantry, I can go explore the cotswolds! Our first day in and I found a garden that was on a list of "must see gardens", and it was closing that day. No one wanted to join me and Pete wasn't jumping up and down at the idea of driving me. Left side of road, stick shift with my left hand, signs that make no get the picture. I did make it though, Pete was my co-pilot (he hates not driving). I persuaded him into tagging along to make sure I was doing everything right. The garden ended up being a dud, and wasn't worth the time or the petrol, but it gave me the confidence I needed to get out and explore.