December 13th 2014 - Kommetije, South Africa - Day 118

Pete Sr:

Today was a really good day, which was a good thing because it was our last full day in Africa.  I walked around at about 6:00 AM and took some photos, which was fun.  This was my favorite:

Then Stacie and I went on a hike, but my calf was still hurting, so we did not run at all.  After the walk we went and got coffee at the local shop because we ran out at home.  The coffee at this shop is so good and only $1.25 for an Americano.  

Then we came back and hung out for a while before Stacie, Lea and I went out to visit some local markets.  Stacie bought a nice little red dress and we picked up some wine for the evening and a nice little shop we did not even know was there.  

Then we came back and went out for lunch at the Green Room, which was our favorite haunt for our stay, great food, great people and CHEAP!  

When we came back we ran down to the beach for a game of capture the flag.  We have had fun playing kids against parents for the past few nights.  An adorable little girl started playing with Lea and our game was put on hold for about 10 mins, but in the end the the parents won out.  

A little pool time, some reading and then a movie capped off a wonderful last day in Africa. 


Fun day, especially the pool time. Lea displayed her superhuman strength, as usual. Can't believe the balance needed for this one.