DECEMBER 21st 2014 - Montalcino, Italy - Day 126

Today was a pretty slow day on the tour.  We hung around Montalcino all day and night in order to get caught up on schoolwork and other various chores.  Stacie and I discovered a good hike just out our back door that will give us a pretty decent work out.  Montalcino is a hilltop down, so you are always either walking up or down no matter where you are going.  

Abandoned church we found on a hike

Very late in the evening (for us anyway) we headed out to see some gospel singers in the main church.  The Chicago High Spirits we singing and we thought it might be fun to go see them, even though they did not start until 9:30.

The Chicago High Spirits

It seemed like the entire town turned out for the event and it was wonderful to everyone greeting one another and catching up.  The culture here is very warm and friendly and you can tell how much people love to see their friends and family.  

We did not stay long at the gospel show because its not really our thing, but it was fun to go out for an event while on the road.