December 28th 2014 - Orvieto, Italy - Day 133

We left Montalcino today after a wonderful two weeks.  We have a 6:30 AM flight tomorrow from Rome to Krakow, Poland, so we needed to head from Montalcino to Rome in order to stay close to the airport.  Stacie and I went for a good walk in the morning and then we started packing up.  Around 1:00 we hit the road and decided to stop in Orvieto on the way to Rome in order to break up the trip.  We visited Orvieto the last time we were in Italy and really liked it, so we thought we would show the kids again.  

We arrived in Orvieto around 3:00 and quickly found a place to park.  The wind was whipping and it was cool, so we quickly found a place for a coffee and a cup of hot chocolate - both were great.  Orvieto is a really quaint town and it was nicely decorated for the holidays.  In addition the town was hosting an international jazz festival so it was really busy.  

We wandered around the town for a while taking pictures and looking through the Christmas stalls before deciding that it was time to hit the road.  On the way out of town the light on the Cathedral was amazing so I stopped and took some shots before hustling to the car and cranking up the heat.  

We arrived in Rome later in the evening and found the Sheraton without too many problems.  I went to return the rental car while the rest of the family took a much needed break.   Once I get to the rental car return  found out I could actually return the car the following morning without any problems, even though the location would be closed.  This information was not the same I had received when renting the car in Rome, however, in this case it was good news so I hightailed it back to the hotel so we could eat.  

A quick hotel meal and we were off to an early bed time because of a 3:45 AM wake up call.  Unfortunately the person above us had different ideas.  They walked around all night in high heels moving furniture.  I am not sure what in the hell was going on, but I barely slept and 3:45 came awfully early for all of us.