January 19th, 2015 - Argentiere, France - Day 155

Today everyone woke up and went straight to work. We worked until about 11 o'clock then decided to go skiing. Pete, Stacie and Peter had lunch and got dressed. We grabbed our skies and headed out the door and walked to the bus stop. Today was the only day that we didn't look at the bus schedule and it ended up hurting us in the end. We got to the bus stop and found out that the next bus would come in 15 minutes. Now 15 minutes would not seem like a long time regularly but we were standing out in the cold. When the bus finally arrived we hoped on and rode down the valley to La Tour, which is beginning to become our favourite place to ski out of the many places in the valley. When we got to La Tour we made our way to the Tete De Balme lift, which is the farthest lift from the base but we think it has some of the best tree skiing in the valley. On our first run we noticed the visibility was a little low but once you got in to the trees it was amazing. We found a couple good pow stashes along with some nice pillow lines.  

The Powder Line 

Powdery Pillow Line

One of the many airs. 

When we got to the bottom we knew that we had found the run that we would do all day. We went back up and did it again, and again. On the third time Stacie said that she wanted to miss a sketchy part of the run so we tried to miss it and ended up finding the cherry on top, a face with multiple powdery drops down it. When we got to the top to start our fourth run, the visibility was bad at the very beginning of the run and Stacie's legs were tired, so she decided to call it a day before she got hurt. When we got to the bottom of the powdery line we spotted something we hadn't seen before. A little break in the trees that we saw from the lift but had no idea how to get into. We immediately skied over to take a look. It had a sketchy entrance but we wiggled our way into it and were rewarded with a fresh pillow drop. Peter skied it first, and it was a perfect little 3 foot pillow into knee deep powder. After that the run got a little sketchy, with less snow at the bottom of the run we had to be careful where we put our skis. After we got to the top for our last run we decided to bag the end. We ended up finding yet another powder line, we wanted to go up to ski it again but the lifts were closing in 15 minutes when we got to the bottom so we decided to call it a day. When we got back to the apartment we walked into a perfectly clean apartment - Lea had been busy. We took a shower and ran to the store, had an awesome dinner and watched a Newsroom to wrap up an awesome day.