January 8th, 2015 - Chamonix, France - Day 144

View out the back of our chalet/apartment 

Today was a big study day for Lea, she is coming down to the end of the semester in Math and has been working really hard to prepare for her exams.  She took one this morning and did really well, which was awesome, and she has a big one tomorrow.  Studying at a self directed pace has  been a huge change for Lea and she has done a great job learning self discipline while on the road.  We spent the majority of the day preparing for her exam.  

Cranking away

Peter woke up and asked "when are we going skiing today" like he has everyday since we arrived.  The conditions are still a bit variable on the mountain so it is great to see him so committed regardless of fresh snow.  There is some snow in the forecast which will be a nice addition to the snowpack.  He went skiing for the majority of the day.

Stacie was a pioneer today and attempted to go ski touring (climbing up the mountain on skis and skins).  She made good progress until a steep icy slope that was not passable on skins and had to tun around.  

Late in the afternoon I went on a walk around town to get some fresh air and took some nice pictures of the sunset on the mountains across the valley.  

In the evening we stayed in and had a really terrible grilled chicken salad for dinner using a rotisserie chicken I bought at the grocery store down the road.  Most of the meals we have made on the road have been good - this one was not.  You win some you lose some.