February 18th, 2015 - Queenstown, New Zealand - Day 186

Today started off pretty much the same way every day has here in NZ.  We got up, did a little work, and then went for a hike.  This time it was just Stacie and I as the kids stayed home to do some schoolwork.  We made it to the top and ran into some people talking about Milford Sound.  We have been discussing if we should go there, so I asked the two couples if they enjoyed it.  They all did, which confirmed our desire to make the 4 hour one way trek sometime over the next couple of weeks.  Then we started talking with one of the couples and found out they were from Park City.  We had a really nice conversation with them, which was a great change, because we rarely end up talking to other people for more than a minute or two on the trip.  It's one of my big regrets, but it is not a natural thing for any of us to strike up conversations with strangers, so it does not happen as much as we would like.  

We made it back down, had a quick lunch and then decided to go out for a round of Frisbee Golf in the Queenstown Garden.  They have created a great course which is free to play and a ton of fun.  Peter and Stacie took on Lea and I in the Championship of the World! 

The course winds though the forrest surrounding the garden and along the lake shore.  It is a complete 18 hole course and it is really well done and a ton of fun.  The comedy factor was high as we all bounced our frisbees off of trees right in front of us and nearly threw them into the lake.  The match was tight all the way through, but in the end Lea and I squeaked out a victory.  

We walked back up the hill to our house, had a nice dinner and called it an early night.  It was a fun day in NZ