February 25th - Queenstown, New Zealand - Day 193

Peter's POV

Today I woke up late. I don't know what anyone did before 11 o-clock because I didn't wake up until then. Because it is summer for me I am waking up later because I don't need to do school. I assume that they were working. I woke up and my parents and I went for a hike up the hill behind our house. When we got to the bottom we were surprised to see that it was already 2 o-clock, we raced back to the house and went to play frisbee golf. We decided to another high stakes game, where if Lea and I won than we would get to go to the Cookie Bar but if my parents won then we would have to cook dinner. Because me and my sister lost so badly in the last round my parents gave us a 6 stroke lead. 

The view from the top of the hike. 

The view from the top of the hike. 

After one hole me and my sister had already lost two strokes and were up by 4. We managed to regain a stroke on the next hole but once we got into the part of the course with trees on it we were all tied up. One hole later we were down by one. This is when we start falling apart every time. My parents decided to ask us if we were up for starting over the game and they would give us a four stroke but if we lost then we would have to do dinner for two nights and if we won we would get to go to the Cookie Bar and do one nights dinner. We took the bet and started playing again. We were up by two going into the 17th hole and up by one starting the 18th. After about 4 shots our fate was sealed, we were doing dinner for 2 nights in a row. 

After we got back from frisbee golf my parents changed and waited to go out while me and my sister stayed in and watched a movie. Over all it was a good day.