We woke up this morning to perfectly clear skies, so Stacie and I decided to go on our long 2400 foot climb up Grand Montets.  Neither of us were too excited about the two hour march, but we needed a good workout and that climb is about as good as it gets.  

We packed up and headed our around 8:30 to start the climb.  The recent snowfall made the climbing a little tricker in places, but for most of the climb it was easier because the ground was completely covered.  We moved at a good pace and made it to the top in 1:50 mins, but for some reason we were both frozen.  Usually when we climb we are working so hard that we are just plain hot.  For some reason our faces and fingers were frozen today.  We hustled down and god back to the apartment to warm up.  I started eating and did not stop for about 90 minutes, while Stacie huddled next to the space heater and played Monopoly with the kids.  

Peter was itching to go skiing, so he headed out the door on his own and Stacie and I promised to meet him later at GM.  We laid down for a quick nap and rested our weary bodies before heading back up for a couple runs with Peter.  

We met up with him at GM and had a couple of great runs in the powder before calling it a day.  These days are great because you come home completely exhausted and sleep really well.  

I had bought some shrimp for dinner, but did not realize they were complete little Northern Shrimp with their heads and tails still on, so we needed to completely shell them.  Because they were pretty small and I had bought two pounds the shelling took about an hour, most of which was done by Stacie.  We threw the shrimp in with some veggies and sautéed them and at the same time made some coconut rice.  We tossed the shrimp on top of the rice and the combo was incredible - probably the best meal we have had in a while.  

The kids cleaned up as always and we watched a Newsroom to cap off another great day in Argentiere.