Powder Hunting

Today was another typical day here in Chamonix.  Wake up, do a little work, go skiing, eat watch Newsroom and go to bed.  I am so tempted to leave that as the post, but I will provide a little more color.  

Being our last couple of days here we wanted to get out as much as possible, so Stacie, Peter and I headed up to La Tour early in the morning.  We were going to go for an actual ski tour, but decided the avalanche risk was too high.  The skiing in the morning was great.  We found pockets of really nice snow here and there and Stacie really turned up the dial on her skiing, which was so fun to see.  

We headed home for lunch and a little break.  Lea had been hard at work getting organized for the trip.  She had separated her clothes (keep vs send home vs give away), organized everything she needed for the plane and packed her bags.  It was so cool to see her being so proactive without us having to say a word!

 Stacie had some schoolwork to do so she decided to stay home for the afternoon session.  Peter and I walked over to Grand Montets and went powder hunting in the trees.  We found some good stashes and had a lot of fun like we usually do.  

We made it back to the apartment around 4:00 and the kids decided to play a two person game of Monopoly, which has been the game of choice for Stacie, Lea and Peter while here in Argentiere.  I worked a little and then made dinner.  We wrapped with a Newsroom and then went to bed.  However, instead of going right to sleep like I normally do, I stayed up late reading.  I am reading a book called Wayward Pines and it has me hooked.  I have not been into a book like this for years and it is really fun.