February 28th - Queenstown, New Zealand - Day 196

BORING ALERT! If you do not want to be bored please stop reading this post right now.  I am writing it only because we have made a commitment to write everyday.

We woke up this morning to a big rainstorm and a forecast for rain all day.  I remarked to Stacie how unusual it was to be stuck inside because of the weather.  We have been so fortunate on this trip to have incredible weather nearly every day.  There were showers in Apt and in Burford, but not nearly as many as we had prepared for.  Ireland was sunny literally every day.  Even Chamonix where we expected to have terrible weather, was wonderful for the most part, so a rainy day in NZ was almost a welcome change.  

We all sat around working on various projects for nearly the entire morning and then the rain slowed down a bit and a rainbow appeared out over the lake.  

We were all getting a little restless so Stacie, Peter and I went to do the Queenstown Hill Hike and Lea went for a run.

When we got back we showered and made some dinner.  We had been inside so much during the day that we decided to try to get out after dinner.  Typically we would just walk into town and stroll around, but nobody was into that so we drove out to Sunshine Bay (about 5 mins) and played frisbee and skipped rocks into the water.  Peter was the rock skipping champion, however, Lea was the overall champion of the evening.  While we were playing Frisbee Peter launched a few throws into the lake.  Lea was always there to go into the freezing cold water and save the day.  Most of the time this simply called for ankle to calf deep submersion, however, one time Peter really let one go and Lea had to go in all the way to her waist!  She did it and saved our precious frisbee, all with a big smile on her face.

Lea recovering an errant throw

Sunshine Bay is beautiful and the evening was peaceful and felt clean after the days rain.  It was a great way to get out of the house and have a different kind of evening.  

When we made it back to the house we were treated to another stunning Queenstown Sunset.  The sheer number of beautiful sunrises and sunsets here is like no place I have ever been.  It seems to happen every day.   

Ho Hum....another amazing sunset