March 7th, 2015 - Sydney, Australia - Day 203

Peter's POV 

Today was our last full day in Sydney. When I woke up we headed over to Cafe on Johnston and had our usual food and coffee. When we got back to the house Lea was awake and having breakfast. When everyone was done eating we decided to what was described as the best market in Sydney. The market was like the Boise farmers market, but stuffed into the backyard of a school. We fought our way through the crowd, managing to see all of the vendors before leaving, if we had gone a little later in the day it would have been better because the food looked amazing.  When we got back to the apartment we were all very tired so we decided to delay our outing and get some sleep. 

When we woke up we decided to go to see the Royal Botanical Gardens. When we got down to the gardens we were very impressed, it is almost like a big park with gardens in it.

We walked around the gardens for about 30 minutes then went to go and find a place for an early dinner. We found a place on our phones and started walking there.

At this point I was very hungry, we had a very weird lunch. We ate a quick small snack because we thought we were going out again but then we decided to stay home and I had another bigger lunch, but still nothing substantial. We decided to find a place for dinner and my parents wanted seafood.  We found a place that looked good and was about a 20 min walk away.  

Cool tunnel on the way to the seafood resturant

When we got to the fish place we couldn't find anything that we liked on the menu so we walked down the street to a really loud pub. I was hungry and grumpy and the place did not look fun so we left.  After that we walked around trying to find a place to eat for about an hour and we finally found a Mexican restaurant to eat at - we were all really frustrated at this point.  

We ordered an appetiser but when it came we knew that we couldn't eat at this place. The plate was tiny and SO EXPENSIVE.  We grabbed our check and ran out the door and to the bus stop. At this point we had given up and were heading home to eat at the pizza place next to our house. When we got the pizzas we opened them up to find one meat lovers and one pizza with a bunch of vegetables on it. They had gotten Lea's order wrong, it was good that they got Lea's pizza wrong instead of mine because I would have flipped out, but she just ate it. Our last day was good one, other than not finding a place to eat. On to Port Douglas.