March 13th, 2015 - Port Douglas, Australia - Day 209

Hard to see, but that is major rain

Today was a pretty slow day on the trip.  With the cyclone lurking off the coast and depositing almost 20 inches of rain on our little town over the past couple of days, there was not much to do outside.  We all took the opportunity to do our own things.  Stacie researched the next leg of our trip in Southeast Asia (which we currently do not have planned).  Lea caught up on schoolwork, Peter wrote a couple Daily Dumps and is teaching himself Javascript and I worked on the Allowance App that I have been writing for the past several months.  I am enjoying learning to code, I think it jives well with my analytical mind.  

The other day while I was skim boarding I not only busted my lip open, but I also stubbed my big toe badly.  When I wok up this morning it was really swollen and I could not put any weight on it.  So while Peter and Stacie went for a run on the beach I swam laps in our little 10 meter pool.  I hate swimming for a workout and having to turn around every 6 strokes made the workout even more annoying, so it did not last all that long.  I am hoping my toe feels better tomorrow because the run along the beach is really nice.  

We wrapped up the day with a nice steak dinner and another great conversation.  It is really striking to me how much the conversation around the dinner table has changed on this trip.  We used to just rehash the day, but now we discuss interesting things and laugh and have a great time.  It is amazing to me that after this much time together we are all still getting along so well and actually have things to say to one another.