April 14th, 2105 - Kyoto, Japan - Day 243

Big Pete's POV

Yesterday was another work day for the family, mostly out of necessity.  First off it was raining all day - Kyoto gets a lot of rain in the spring.  Secondly Lea had an exam and we had some work to do in order to get ready.  

So we cranked away all morning in our little space.  Lea completed her DBA (discussion based assessment) with her teacher and then took her test and did really well.  After lunch we all laid down for a rainy day nap.  Stacie and I spent most of it just talking and enjoying the sound of the rain coming down on out tiny little balcony.  

After our nap the rain was letting up for a bit and we decided to go for a walk around the old town as things were winding down.  Once the tour buses leave the area it becomes really peaceful and we really needed some fresh air.

 We are all on the hunt for a pair of chop sticks to bring home with us.  We all love eating with chop sticks and figure they are a good way to remember Japan,and they are light!  Lea found hers really quickly - a nice dark pair with some inlaid mother of pearl with a little bunny painted on each stick.  The rest of us found some nice ones, but decided to wait.  The rest of the stroll was peaceful and beautiful.  The rain was gone and everything appeared fresh and new.  I love the way the Japanese use light at night to continue to make things beautiful so I tried to take some shots to capture the essence of it, but without a tripod it was not easy.  

We were out for about an hour and a half and on the way home we decided to just stop at the grocery store and grab some prepared food for dinner.  After dinner we played Euchre for a while and then went to bed.  Tomorrow is our last full day in Kyoto and we are all a little sad to go.