April 26th, 2015 - Koh Lanta, Thailand - Day 255

Talking about our options

Big Pete's POV

When we woke up today the first thing I saw when checking my email was a note from a friend back home with the subject "Please tell me you are not in Nepal right now".  I quickly searched Google and found the news regarding the devastating earthquake.  I was shocked and horrified at the images coming across my screen and could not help but to imagine what could have happened if the earth had held for just two more weeks.  I was incredibly thankful we were not there for the earthquake, but at the same time I felt sick for the people of Nepal and the visitors who were there and lost their lives and loved ones.  It put us all in a somber mood and created a whole host of questions for us to deal with. 

Stacie and I spent the majority of the day following he news updates and contemplating our options. As of right now we are considering changing all of our flights and finding another destination, continuing with our trip to Nepal as planned and heading home about 10 days early.  Time will tell where we land, but right now we are just a bit overwhelmed and appreciative.  

Peter's POV

Today was our second day in Thailand. When I woke up I found the sun had just started to hit the deck of our house. I had just missed the coolest part of the day and was already starting to sweat. I had breakfast and worked for a little bit then decided that I had two options, get in the water or go back to my room which has AC. I decided to get in the water because my room doesn't have wifi so I don't think I would have lasted for very long in there.

Lea decided that she would go for a swim with me, so we headed down to the beach. When we got into the water we headed out to see if we could find a good spot to do some swimming. After about 20 minutes we saw our parents walking towards us on the beach. We immediately started to paddle in, while we were paddling in Lea turned toward me and yelled "Peter look!" I turned to see a big wave for a relatively calm beach. I immediately started to get ready to surf it but by the time it hit me it was wasn't big enough. The second wave I managed to catch for a little bit, while Lea wiped out. The third wave I caught all the way into the beach. 

We decided to go get some googles and look around for some fish and other marine life in the rocks. When we got back into the water we found some fish and some dead coral. Around 11 we got out and went to lunch at Miami. When we got back we all retired to our own rooms to relax. When I got up I worked for a little bit longer and when everyone was up Lea and I decided to escape the heat once more and go for a swim. 

We headed to the beach but about an hour later ended up in the pool.

When we got out we started to talk about what to do for dinner. In the end we decided to make pasta and stay in. While we were waiting for the water to boil we hopped in the pool once more to watch the sun dip below the horizon. We had dinner and fell into bed after a great, but sad day in Thailand.