April 2nd, 2015 - Tokyo, Japan - Day 229

Peter's POV 

Today was the nicest day that we had in Tokyo, so it was an early one. We got out of the house and got some more Starbucks. Our first stop of the day was at a garden. We found the garden easily and were amazed by the cherry blossoms right when we walked in.  The garden was called Koishikawa Korakuen and was first laid out in 1629 which makes it the oldest garden in Tokyo.

Buying our fish food

The garden was very cool, had little bridges and ponds all over.  Lea and I got some fish food to feed the carp and headed right over to a pond to do just that.  Here are some pictures of the garden:

When we left the garden our plan was to go and get lunch. The planned lunch was a dumpling stand. When we got to the dumpling stand my mom and dad didn't think that they looked that good but we got one anyway.

The dumpling stand - these are called niku-man

The dumpling was very good and my sister and I got two more right away. My parents kept looking around for a place to eat. They finally found one that looked good and it turned out to be a Japanese style crepe place. The Japanese style crepes are very different from the French crepes. On top of the crepe there is cabbage, pork, and egg and udon noodles. It was amazing, I wasn't planning on eating there but after a tasted my dad's, I knew that I had to get one. 

Making the crepe right in front of you - this lady did EVERYTHING!

The final product - delicious!

After lunch I was more full than I have ever been in my life.  After 1.5 niko-man and one of these I did not ever want to eat again.  

While I digested lunch we went to the electronic district to look for a camera for Lea. When we got to the district called Akihabara I was amazed, there were billboards everywhere, it looked like Japanese style times square.

After about an hour and a half of comparing camera's Lea found one, the Fuji FinePix S1. She got up to the counter and we noticed everyone was using there passports to get the duty free discount. When she got up to the counter she found out that you needed your passport with you to get the discount. She later found out that they didn't have any of the camera's in stock anyway. We left the electronic district with nothing and headed to the river for a boat cruise. When we got there we found a line stretching out the door. This was exactly what we didn't need after a long day walking around the city. However, the line moved fast and we were on the boat before we knew it.

The ride was not that exciting but the tickets were just a little bit more expensive than subway tickets and they got us into the garden that we were going to see for free.  While we were on the boat we decided to have a competition on who could make the most disapproving face.  

I don't like it when he has this face on

Or when I see this one

Lea and I were not very good at this game - we could not stop laughing

When we got to the garden we were not amazed, it was more of a park than a garden, but still very cool. After the garden we headed back to the hotel right before dinner.  More garden pics:

For dinner we planned to walked down to a place that we saw when were walking to our dinner spot yesterday but it turned out to be Italian food. We walked around a little bit longer and found a place that looked good. It turned out to be amazing and we had a great dinner. We have been so lucky with every meal in Tokyo. We just wander into these little restaurants and every one has been incredible and different.  

We walked home from dinner and fell into our beds, exhausted from another big day in Tokyo.