April 5th, 2015 - Kyoto, Japan - Day 232

Peter's POV 

Today was a down day. It was raining for most of the day and because of that we spent most of the day inside working. Around 4:00 my mom and I ran to the grocery store to get things for our Japanese easter meal. In the store we tried to find beef, however, because there are no english labels and pretty much no one speaks a word of english we had to guess. After about 20 minutes in the grocery store we left for home. When we got home we hung out for about 2 hours then my dad, sister, and I went to go and grab some dessert. Our original plan was for us to and grab a cake at one of the bakeries in the area, but because it was 6:00 on a Sunday we figured that pretty much no one would be open so we just went to the grocery store instead. 

On our way to the grocery store

A shrine just up the street from our house.  There are 2000 temples and shrines in Kyoto

After we got back dinner was ready and we started eating. Our easter meal was a big bowl of udon noodles with some beef and vegetables.  Dinner was delicious and after we ate we went down to a canal that had cherry blossoms hanging over the side of it to take some pictures. 

Lea with her new camera getting ready for a photo expedition

My shot of cherry blossoms at night

I also took this long exposure of the traffic at night

My shot of cherries overhanging the canal

My dad caught some Japanese tourists dressed up and taking photos with the cherries

Photo tour

My mom even got into the game with this photo

Buddha on the way home

When we got back we played a game of Euchre and went to bed after a pretty slow easter in Japan.