September 22nd 2014 - Bowness On Windermere, England

This morning Stacie and I woke up and took a walk up the town to get a little exercise.  It was a beautiful day and Stacie was excited because we were going to head to a famous garden today for a little tour.  


Before we headed out though we decided to drop a sticker on Bowness.  Since we have spent so much time at our local Costa coffee shop (due to the fact that the house we are in has no internet), we thought it was appropriate to place the sticker there.  


Once we were done with the walk we got the family up and had some breakfast and then headed off to Levans Hall, which is one of the most famous topiary gardens in the world.  Topiary gardens are where some of the shrubs and trees are pruned into different shapes.  Everyone decided to come along on this trip, which was nice.  Peter's toe is getting worse and we are all a little worried about how it will impact the next couple of weeks, but he is being a good sport about it.  

The garden was pretty amazing.  It was beautifully cared for and the topiaries were crazy.

While we were there, we found a little playground in the back where we had a little fun in between our garden touring (not that garden touring is not tons of fun anyway).

Grandma and Lea going for a little ride

After touring the garden we decided to have a lunch at the estate house.  The lunch was good and it was nice to be able to continue to enjoy the garden while getting a bite to eat.  

After the garden we headed back to Bowness for a nice afternoon nap and a relaxing evening.