Two More Weeks

Two more weeks until we leave our cute little house in Burford to head over to Paris. So far, we have a great stay here. We have been cooking at home for almost every night except for the weekly night out. Me and Peter have become my dad's sous chef because he has taken the role of the chief, and he has been great at it. Our meals have been gourmet not only at the restaurants but also with the cooking at home. We have had a pretty normal routine which is good considering we mostly didn't have one. We have been watching Downton Abbey (a British TV show) every single night. We have been going on beautiful walks through the countryside. We have been going to very cute little towns. We have also seen a lot of gardens. We have been watching football to keep up with the Bears. We have eaten out two times one was to a cut Indian restaurant. The other time was to a little place right outside of town called The Carpenters arms. The people there are very nice and while we were waiting for our food my brother, and I played pool. We have been having a great time here at Burford, and we will be sad to leave.