Rain on the Rooftop

We have finally settled down into our month home. In case you didn't know we are in Burford England. We got very lucky, we got a flawless house, cute area, and perfect weather.  The first thing that we had to do was  go to the grocery store which is new to us because this was our first long stay. My brother and I obviously didn't go but when they come back we notice something new in the pile of bags, Coke Life, which is exactly like coke but "healthier." If you don't already know we each own a fit bit this tracks your steps, we have made a deal that we can get a soda every night if we get all of our steps that day. Because Peters fit bit was broken, we just assumed that his steps were the same as mine. We wanted to try out the coke life BADLY but my fit bit wasn't charged, which meant zero steps, which meant zero coke lives. We were at a slow blinking one and to get your goal you have to get a five. So we had to walk around the town, but we didn't get our goal by the time my parents had gotten worried, so we went home defeated, but got to see the cute town. The next few days were amazing sunny bright happy. We love Burford.  Until one week it said that it was supposed to rain all week, I was excited because I love staying inside and in our pjs next to a fire.