Welcome to the Hobbit House

Yay we are in England! We are currently in a medium-sized town called Bowness on Windermere (The Lake District) in Hobbit house outside of town. Now my brother Peter and I constantly have to do school to keep up, and we don't know our way around town, so we needed our little navigation system jamequtha and we need to download things so it is mandatory for every place to have WIFI but this house, It didnt. So every morning we would go down to the coffee shop literally right down the road, and every morning, we would order a hot chocolate, same buresta and the same seat. One day, we came in and saw our mom and dad talking to the buresta about our trip and how we were going to south africa, and I guess he was from south africa. The next morning the same buresta was there and literally right when I walked up to order he says, “small hot chocolate with whipped cream?" I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear. I had finally become a regular customer. So we made a friend. Now I can say that I have a buresta friend from England.