The UK

I am writing this sitting in a internet cafe in a small town just off a lake, called The Lake, in the lake district in England, which is by far the most like Idaho than any of the places we have stayed in before. The lake is like a shallow Payette lake, the town is just like McCall, if McCall had double decker tour busses trying to get through it without killing anyone. The mountains come right down to the water on the other side of the lake and are very green. The drive we had looked like the beginning of the drive to Sun Valley, a big highway with rolling hills and on a good day you can see for miles. Our house itself is like Bilbo Baggins house, without the circular door. Every time I walk into the bathroom I hit my head on the door frame, the first time I did this was at midnight and I almost fell down the stairs. Our house is off one of the two roads that make up the whole town, it took us twenty minutes to find the house because the website that we booked it on failed to mention that the entrance to the house, was in a bush. So far, the UK is pretty nice we haven't seen much of it but one of the things that I think is very nice is that the road markers are in miles. The food in the UK has been good we haven't really had a bad meal, and we have been eating dinners out most of the time. Lunches have pretty much have been at Pret (British, healthyish Subway) which is pretty good. Edinburgh was cool, we went to the underground city and spent an hour hearing ghost stories, the best meal we had in Edinburgh was, in my opinion, was at an Indian restaurant called Indian Lounge, I’m not sure if it was just the fact that we ate there at 10:00 or if it was the fact that we met a really nice couple from the US sitting at the table next to us.