A Taste Of The Future

When I think of visiting London I think of walking around Big Ben and parliament, walking around the crowded streets and running around in the parks, now that I am in London I have done all of these things except instead of walking I am limping. This all started when I was putting my dinner on my plate and it slipped off the counter falling sideways, landing on my toe. My toe saved the plate but it was extremely painful, later after the pain subsided a little I took off my sock to find that my toe was blue. After a night of mostly pain and little sleep, I awoke to finish packing and get in a crammed car and drive five hours to London. Once in London we got to our apartment to find it dirty. After returning the car getting lunch and shopping for a little bit we got back home to find that the people who came to clean it did almost nothing. I do not want you to think that our stay in London started out bad because it didn't, we still had fun around the city it was just a taste of the future.