December 17th 2014 - Montalcino, Italy - Day 122

The view from the terrace of our apartment in the morning

Yesterday was a nice mix of activity and relaxation.  We had a pretty slow morning with everyone doing their own thing.  Stacie and I ran up to the co-op for some groceries and then after lunch we decided to go on a two hour hike right from our apartment.  In 2007 we came to Montalcino for our 10th anniversary and stayed in a farmhouse just outside the city down a REALLY steep hill.  We decided to hike down to the house to see if we could find it and show the kids since they were 7 and 5 and do not remember much.  We made the trek down and found the farmhouse, but could not get that close since it is private property.  We hiked around a bit and then started the steep climb back into town.  It was a nice hike on a beautiful winter day (about 50 degrees and sunny) here in Tuscany.  

When we got back Stacie and Lea started studying again, Peter worked on school and I started cooking some Stuffed Peppers for dinner.  We had a nice evening which included some dancing to Christmas music in the kitchen and a great discussion at dinner about the things we are all struggling with while being on the road.  

After dinner we decided to start watching a new series (to us) because we finally finished Downton Abby.  We decided on Newsroom with Jeff Daniels (without Lea's approval) and all enjoyed the first episode.  

Another nice mellow day on the road.