December 18th 2014 - Siena, Italy - Day 123

Piazza del Campo - Siena

Today we spent the morning in our normal routines with the kids studying (Stacie helping them) and I was writing and updating the site.  Then after lunch (and a short nap) we headed over to Siena for the evening.  We typically do our sightseeing in the mornings so it felt a little strange to be heading out around 3:00, but we wanted to see Siena at night with all of their Christmas decorations up.  

We arrived easily (only one wrong turn) and found our parking place near the Duomo quickly and easily.  Our first order of business was to find the PhotoSmart so Lea could print some pictures of her friends for a frame she has been carrying with her for a few weeks.  We walked all through town and finally found the PhotoSmart, submitted our order and were told to come back around 5:30 to pick them up.  Since we had some time to burn we wandered around the streets of Siena - it was beautiful as you can see below.  

Once we made it back to the PhotoSmart at 5:30 we learned we had not followed the instructions completely (which was not a big surprise) and had missed the step where you had to pay before they would print.  So we paid our 1.50 euro and then received a new time of 6:15 to pick up the pictures.  

Piazza del Campo glowing after dark

With another 45 mins to burn we decided to find our restaurant so we would not have to hunt it down later.  On our way we found a street vendor selling chestnuts roasting on an open fire and could not resist - so we purchased a bag.  I wish I could say they were wonderful, they were not, but they were good and the experience was great.  

Holiday decorations everywhere around town

We wandered all the way back across town and found the restaurant Stacie had identified through TripAdvisor.  We made a quick reservation and then headed back to the PhotoSmart where the pictures were finally done.

Our major goal complete we slowly walked back to our restaurant and had a wonderful meal to cap off a wonderful evening in Siena.  This is a magical town when it is all dressed up for Christmas, I would highly recommend a visit.   

The view just outside our resturant