December 19th - Montalcino, Italy - Day 124

Today was market day in Montalcino.  The day began with one of the most magical sunrises I have ever seen.  The picture above does it no justice whatsoever.  On market day this sleepy little village comes to life and about 100 vendors set up in the winding streets selling everything from dish soap and underwear to Christmas lights and Pecorino cheese.  

We decided to have a slow morning of studying and working and then head out for a stroll around town around 10:00.   We split up with Lea and I heading out on our own while Peter and Stacie went their own way.  We strolled up and down the streets, just browsing to see if we might stumble upon a Christmas gift (no luck) and then wandered into a cafe for a chicolate calda and a cappuccino.  Nearing the end of my cap I made a bad move and spilled the last 1/4 of my drink right into my lap.  Lea got a big kick out of that and as we were laughing about it Peter and Stacie walked up.

The kids needed to study so they went back to the apartment and Stacie and I headed back to the market to gather some supplies for diner and to buy our Christmas tree.  Once we were back I headed out again to gather up some more ingredients and decorations while Stacie went back to paint nails with Lea.  Lea has become quite the nail artist on the trip and their Christmas theme was my favorite yet. 

When I got back we trimmed the tree and then I started cooking bruschetta as a starter and chicken and mushroom risotto for our main.  I had never made risotto before, so I was a little nervous, but it turned out great.

All in all a pretty typical day on the trip, nothing amazing happened, just a simple day in Tuscany.