January 16th, 2015 - Chamonix, France - Day 152

Today was pretty standard here in Chamonix.  We had a nice long morning all working on a few things and then headed out for some skiing.  We really just wanted a workout, so we headed up to La Tour in order to do a nice climb in the trees.  We made our way to the back side of La Tour and put our skins on for about an hours climb back up to mid mountain.  Once there we sat at the lift station and had a nice lunch.

After lunch we decided we had exercised enough and we should get some downhill turns in.  Peter really wanted to show Stacie where we had skied the other day with Chris, so we headed back over to see if we could find our way on our own.  After a couple of mistakes we found the right path and had fun bouncing through the trees again.

Peter getting ready to jump off whatever he can find

A rare sighting of Stacie on the Daily Dump

After a few more runs it was getting late, so we decided to head home and start packing up.  Tomorrow is moving day.  We are leaving Chamonix and heading about 15 minutes up the valley to Argentiere, which is a smaller village right at the base of Grand Montets.  

I had to run up to the ski shop to replace my boots for the third time because they were killing my feet.  I am really hopeful this is the last swap I need.  

Chamonix has been a great stop, much better than anticipated, but it's time to move on....