January 17th, 2015 - Travel from Chamonix to Argentiere - Day 153

Moving day.  Today we move up the valley about 15 minutes.  It is not a big move, but it will be nice to have a little change of scenery.  When we first booked this leg of the trip we thought we were only going to be here three weeks and we booked our stay in Argentiere.  However, as we got into the trip we decided to extend the French Alps portion and added two weeks in Chamonix, that is why we have two stops so close together.  

When we woke up we were thrilled to see a blanket of fresh snow on the ground and more coming down.

Fresh snow!

 Peter was amped up and wanted to get out on the mountain as fast as possible.  Our shuttle was not scheduled until 11:30, so we told him to pack up and then go skiing and the rest of us would handle the move - he had no problem with that approach :-).

The rest of us spent the morning packing up and getting ready for the move.  We had accumulated a lot of stuff over the past couple weeks and it took a while to get our poop in a group.

Dining room

We were a little sad to leave our little chalet, but excited to move on to our next place.  

Living room

Peter's room

Outside on our deck

The driver showed up on time and we loaded up for the trip up the valley.  We arrived shortly there after and met with Wendy, our greeter.  She showed us in and we were immediately pleased with the move.  The new apartment is awesome.  It is right in town, really nicely done and the kids are psyched because it actually has an Xbox.  

We spent most of the afternoon getting settled and trying to fill a prescription for Stacie (which was a bit of a chore).  Peter returned home and filled us in on the awesome day he had skiing, then the kids got right into the Xbox.  

Bobsledding Xbox Style

Stacie and I had planned a date night and we found out that one of the best restaurants in town is on the ground floor of our building, so we made a reservation for 7:00.  Dinner was amazing.  The restaurant is a locals spot, no english menus!  We both had incredible salads and then Stacie had a great steak and I had Croute du Guide - which is Ham, Cheese, Tomatoes and Mushrooms spooned over a baguette and baked in a dish - incredible!

It kept snowing all day and night yet the forecast is for bright blue skies in the morning - bluebird powder day on the way!