January 28th, 2015 - Argentiere, France - Day 163

Today was just another day in paradise.  Stacie and I left the apartment around 8:00 to go do the tour we did the other day, the 2400 foot vertical climb one.  We were both kind of dreading it, but knew we wanted a great workout.  We were blessed with perfect weather and the hike was spectacular.  The fresh snow gave the trail a little more cover and all of the trees branches were heavy with snow making for a beautiful winter wonderland.  The sky was clear, the sun was shining and we were kicking it up the hill.  

Incredible views on the tour

We made it to the top 10 minutes faster than on our first try.  We hurried home and as soon as we walked in the door Peter asked "when are we going skiing?".  We needed a little break, so we had lunch and relaxed for a while before heading back to Grand Montets for a little tree skiing.  We figured the run we had nicknamed the Magic Forest would be perfect because when we skied it the other day it was about a week after the last major snow and it still had fresh powder.  However, this time when we got there it was already skied out.  Stacie looked at us like "Reall?  This is the great run?" Peter and I had to agree, it was nowhere near as fun this time around.  Stacie was cooked and wisely headed home.  Peter and I went up high to try and hunt out some better snow.  Unfortunately a cloud had moved in and the visibility was terrible.  We made it down once and decided we would try one more.  Our next run was much better, however, my legs were gone and I had to bail.  We are expecting a ton of snow so I did not want to waste my legs on these conditions.  Peter agreed and we headed home.  

We had a rare night out for dinner in the restaurant right below our apartment. It was another great meal and we all came home happy.  We watched a Newsroom and headed off to bed.