January 29th, 2015 - Argentiere France - Day 164

The storm we have been watching for about a week began in earnest today.  When we woke up the cars in the parking lot across the street were already covered and we knew much more was on its way.  

While we were thrilled with the snow, the storm was also bringing high winds and bad visibility to the mountains and we were not sure what the skiing was going to be like.  

Peter and I decided to head up to La Tour and see if we could find some good skiing in the trees.  We dressed and went down to get on the bus.  As we were standing there I said "oh, we should have looked at the lift status to see what was open".  Peter said "I did - everything is open".  I was relieved and proud at the same time.  However, once we arrived at La Tour things started to unravel a little bit.  As we were walking to the gondola we noticed the board that lists the lift status were showing most of the lifts as closed.  Then one of the attendants told us - there is an updated lift status at mid mountain.  We did not think much of it and headed up.  Once we arrived at mid mountain though we knew we were in trouble, all lifts closed and a complete whiteout.

We decided to head back down.  We skied down and found some massively deep powder, but you could not see two feet in front of your face, so we decided to bail and go home.  We watched the lifts for the rest of the day online and they never opened, so we had a rest day and prepared for a big powder day tomorrow.