February 12th, 2015 - Queenstown, New Zealand - Day 179

View from our apartment at night

We woke up today after a great nights sleep.  It is so nice to make it all the way through the night while you are trying to adjust to a new time zone.  Two nights ago I woke up at midnight and never went back to sleep - that was miserable.  

I had a Balihoo Operations Review from 9 to 1, so I was going to to be out of commission for most of the morning and beginning of the afternoon.  Stacie had scheduled a facial during this time, so she was going to be out for a while as well.  The kids decided to work on school.  After we were all done with these things we were going to go get some exercise by taking a long hike.  However, once we were all done and had eaten lunch we were all dragging.  A hike probably would have woken us up, but instead we laid down just to rest our eyes for a minute, but it turned out to be more like three hours.  

When we woke up we felt great, but had lost most of the day and still needed to go to the grocery store.  Stacie and I jumped in our car and we headed back towards the airport to go to the main grocery store.   We found it easily and got everything we needed with relative ease.  I cannot understate how nice it is to go into a grocery store and read all the labels in English and to be able to find all of the ingredients we need.  New Zealand is definitely the country most closely resembling the US and it is a welcome break for us.  

We were walking back to the car and we talking about walking around the area for a while when Stacie asked - "by the way, what time is it?".  I looked at my watch and was stunned to see that it was 6:30.  The sun sets at 9:06PM at this time of year down here, which so reminds me of Idaho in the summer, but we are not used to it yet.

We scrapped walking around and hurried home to make dinner.  We made a delicious pasta with shrimp and had a nice long dinner and went to bed.  A good relaxing day, but not what we had planned....maybe tomorrow we will start our Queenstown Adventure.