February 13th, 2015 - Queenstown, New Zealand - Day 180

We are all still adjusting to this new time zone and unfortunately I had to get up at 3:30 AM this morning for a board call back in Boise.  In some respects it was not all that bad because I was already awake and just needed to get out of bed and make a pot of coffee, however, the early wake up call would catch up with me later.  

The call went well, it was nice to see and hear from my fellow board members and hear about the progress we are making as a company.  After the call the family was up and we had breakfast and settled into our routine with a little school and a little work.  It's so nice to have a consistent morning to count on and a hell of a view as our back drop.  

Stacie and I were hungry for some exercise so around 10:00 we headed out for a hike we had found, not far from town.  Unfortunately the site describing the hike was not too specific about where the trailhead was and as a result we ended up on the wrong trail, which was not all that challenging and did not provide for much exercise, but did have some nice views.

View from the flat hike :-)

We tried everything we could to find some steeper sections, but were out of luck and out of time.  Stacie needed to be back in town by 12 for a hair appointment.  We made it back in plenty of time and while Stacie went to get her hair cut I needed to lay down and catch up on a little sleep.  The danger in this type of nap while trying to adjust to a new timezone is in taking about a 3 or 4 hour nap and then ruining the upcoming nights sleep, so I made sure to set an alarm and get up 30 mins later.  Waking up was nearly impossible, but I did force myself out of bed and took a shower to wake up.  

The kids had been cranking away at school most of the day and Peter was getting ready to take his last module exam for science, which he planned on taking this afternoon.  Lea was mixing between school and talking to her friends.  One of the big benefits of this timezone is the fact that at 11:00 AM here it is 3:00 PM the day before in Boise, so the kids can easily chat with their friends and they are loving being able to connect so easily.  

Since the kids were going to be occupied I wandered down to meet Stacie after her haircut (by the way she chopped her hair off and looks amazing!).  We wandered around town and looked at all of the super nice and expensive things Queenstown has to offer.  It is such a cool town - I just love it here.  

By the time we made it home we needed to start making dinner.  So we opened up the doors and grilled pork chops out on the deck, which was fantastic.  

We wrapped up the evening with a game of Pictionary, which was a ton of fun and filled with a ton of laughs.  The sunset this evening was incredible.  The clouds were just right to make for some beautiful views.  Here are a couple of shots: