February 21st, 2015 - Queenstown, New Zealand - Day 189

Today was supposed to be a pretty simple day.  Stacie and I wanted to get in a good workout, so we were going to do the hill climb behind out house twice, then in the afternoon we were going to head down to have a frisbee golf rematch.  The double hill climb happened and it was indeed a very good workout.  However, in the afternoon clouds rolled in and we had rain for the first time since we arrived in Queenstown, so we bailed on the frisbee golf.  

There are clouds in New Zealand!

Most of the day was spent watching the clouds roll in and out of the valley and working on various projects.  It was nice to have a down day and to see some clouds.  Too much sun and perfect weather can really take its toll :-).

The day was capped off with another beautiful sunset!