February 22nd, 2015 - Queenstown, New Zealand - Day 190

Today was a big day for the Gomberts.  The day started early with Stacie and Peter parasailing at 8:00 AM.  We all woke up early and headed down to the marina at 7:30 to drop the parasailers off.  Then Lea and I headed up the lake a ways to a place we thought we might be able to get some good shots of Peter and Stacie while they were in the air.  

The morning was cool, but there was little or no wind and a perfect blue sky.  We found our spot just out of the main bay and set up shop.  A curious lille black duck waddled by to say hello.

We sat there trying to keep warm until the sun came over the mountain and instantly heated everything up.  A few minutes later we could hear the rumbling of the boat motor come to life and then we saw them moving out of the harbor and getting some air into the parachute.  

Another couple were the first to take flight, which gave me a little practice shooting the activity, and then Stacie and Peter were on deck.  The whole operation appears really smooth and fun.  Before we knew it they were up in the air.

The boat does a big lap around this portion of the lake and raises and lowers the riders to give them a bit of adventure.  

Up High

Down Low

The entire ride takes 10 to 15 minutes.  Peter and Stacie reported it was a ton of fun and highly recommended it to Lea and I (which we are still considering).

After the parasailing, we headed back to the apartment for a little work and then we went back out for the frisbee golf rematch we had postponed from yesterday.  We decided to change the teams up a bit and went for parents against kids.  We also made the match interesting by betting.  If the kids won they would get desert at Cookie Time, if the parents won the kids would cook dinner and do the dishes.  Well, lets just say the parents were highly motivated to have a night off from cooking and jumped out to an early lead we never relinquished.

When we got back, Peter decided to take his Final Exam for Biology, Lea did several lessons, and Stacie worked on her class assignment.  I took a nap :-).  Peter finished his exam and is now officially done with school for the year.  

The kids cooked a great pasta dinner and then we walked into town to celebrate Peter finishing school with a shake from Cookie Time.  

He will be off of school for almost 6 months unless he chooses to take another class - crazy!

A VERY full and fun day in QT.