March 10th - Port Douglas - Day 206

Peter's POV 

The pool at the Sheraton

Today was our first full day in paradise. I woke up to the noise of my parents trying to stick a note under a door, fortunately I was able to go back to sleep.  About 7 I actually woke up, my parents were walking back from coffee and Lea and I were going to go and meet them. When we were out of the room, Lea turned to me and said "you have the key, right?" I didn't have the key. We walked up to the front desk and asked the person working at the front desk if we could have another key. She directed us to another man and he said that because we didn't have an ID in our room he would have to call security. When we got to the room our parents were back and Lea went to go and see if the patio door was unlocked, it was. We grabbed our key and after about 10 minutes of waiting for the security guard, who never showed, went to get breakfast. 

We walked along the beach down into town. The beach is massive, it was about a 20 minute walk into town and the hotel was a little less than half way in between the town and the other end of the beach. When we got to the breakfast place I ordered a plate of french toast, which must be popular in Australia because it is on every breakfast menu and I can not stop myself from getting it. The french toast was great, instead of making the french toast out of a loaf of stale hard bread this place made it out of a thinner softer bread. 

Ever since I saw the beach I have been looking for skim boards, which are boards that you can ride on about a quarter of an inch of water. They look perfect for this beach. We walked around the town for a little bit and we found 2 skim boards in the first shop that we went into. We ended up getting them, and instead of walking on the beach back to the hotel Lea and I were skim boarding. 

When we got back to the hotel, Lea and I went for a swim, then a skimboard. While my parents worked, when Lea and I finally stopped for long enough to realize that we were hungry it was 1:00. We ate then relaxed for a bit. When we woke up my parents decided that we would order pizza from Dominos for dinner because no one felt like going out. We watched the Imitation Game while we were eating and loved it. Great first day in Port Douglas.