March 11th, 2015 - Port Douglas, Australia - Day 207

Peter's POV 

Today we move to our house. The morning was very similar to the day before, my parents went to get coffee while my sister and I slept.

The walk along the beach to Port Douglas

The storm is coming - Cyclone Nathan!

With the storm comes the Jellyfish

The beach vibe

When they got back it was raining so my dad drove us to a cafe to get, more french toast! This french toast was different because it had Nutella in the middle of the two pieces of french toast. I usually love Nutella in everything but in this case it was just too strong. 

After we got back to the hotel we packed up and worked a little bit. Then left to get groceries and lunch. When we were done with all of the grocery shopping and lunch it was 2:30, time to move into our new house. The house was awesome, very unique and cool. We are very close to the beach and it has a pool. We were all very happy with all of our rooms.

Happy in our new house

Right when we got unpacked I went for a skimboard. After I got back we made dinner and Lea wanted to go out for a skimboard before the sun went down, so we all went. It ended up being a skimboard in pitch black, except for my mom using a flashlight for us to see. When we got back we watched Night at the Museum to wrap up an awesome day.