March 18th, 2015 - Port Douglas, Australia - Day 214

We woke up this morning and headed right to the computer to see where Nathan was tracking.  We were relieved to see he was moving north of us just a bit, but dismayed because he had intensified even more than expected.  The storm was now supposed to hit Category 4 (out of 5) further out in the ocean and hit the coast with more intensity.  However, as long as it keeps tracking north we should be ok.  

The day was clear and sunny and HOT.  90 degrees and 80% humidity with no AC is about as hot as I can remember being.  Stacie and I were really sore from a long run and workout yesterday, so we decided to go for a long walk instead of an intense workout.  We walked up to town, had a stroll around and then headed back.  

We hung around the house most of the day tracking the storm and trip planning.  We have finally locked a few things down including our destination in Thailand (Koh Lanta) an island off the coast of Karabi.  Peter is working on creating his first app which he is calling The Stash (I will let him tell you what it is).  Lea is absolutely CRANKING on school and Stacie is working hard on trip planning and building her website for Solscape.  

In the afternoon Stacie and Lea went to town to spend a little alone time and Peter and I jumped into the pool to cool off and have another battle with foam noodles.   

Dinner was broiled salmon, rice and asparagus - Peter was THRILLED (kidding).   As we were cooking dinner I caught Peter in a thoughtful moment out on the deck. 

 We then tried streaming a movie, but the internet here is not great, so we ended up heading off to bed for some reading.  

Just as we were going to bed I spotted a little friend we have in the house we call Geico.  He is a baby gecko and he is so cute.  We have a family of geckos in the house that help to keep the bugs down.  We love watching them work and Geico is our favorite.