March 19th, 2015 - Port Douglas, Australia - Day 215

Peter's POV 

Tonight is the night that Nathan hits.

I woke up and found everything working, like normal, no signs of trouble yet.   We worked for most of the morning until about 12:00 when we went down to the beach for a walk. When we got back to the house we made lunch and hopped in the pool. We spent about 45 minutes in the pool, after we got out we relaxed for a little bit - a pretty standard day for us here in Port Douglas.

After having such a "busy" morning we decided to lay down and read.  When we got up we started watching the hurricane updates online. It looked like we would get a little bit of the hurricane at about 5 in the morning, but that it had mostly moved to the north of us.

At about 6:00 PM rain started pouring down. We closed all of the windows and hatches of our little glass house and got comfortable. About 15 minutes later the rain stopped and we opened the windows again. We could tell that we were getting the beginnings of the storm because there would be 30 minute breaks to the rain. We eventually decided to close all of the windows for good.

While we were closing all of the windows I discovered about 500-1000 ants in one of the bedrooms that we were not using. They got in because we left the windows open and there is a branch of a tree that sticks into the window. My dad and I tried to attack the ants with towels but there were so many of them that we couldn't do much - and we did find out the hard way that they BITE!  We stuck a towel under the door to the room to lock them in and later my dad sprayed them with insect killer that he found in the kitchen.  It was a mass extinction.   

After dealing with the ant infestation we watched a movie that Lea has been very excited to see, Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1. After the movie we all got in our beds and prepared for Nathan.  None of us expected to sleep much, because we thought the wind and rain would be heavy.  As it turns out, we all slept like babies because there was no wind and no rain.  Nathan missed us completely as you can see from the picture below.