March 20th, 2015 - Port Douglas, Australia - Day 215

Peter's POV 

The calm after the storm

Last night Nathan hit us. I woke up at about 7:30 to the sound of...birds. Wait were did the hurricane go? I walked upstairs and found out that Nathan never really hit us, it just kept moving north and just missed Port Douglas. 

My parents had walked down to the beach in the morning to see what the beach looked like after what was supposed to be a storm surge, but apparently it looked pretty normal.  

Coffee on the beach after Nathan

Other than it being the day after a hurricane the day went pretty normally. We worked for about and hour, then my mom and I went for a run into town. When we got back my dad left for his run, running down the beach has been our main workout here because there are no mountains to climb. When my dad got back we all had lunch, after lunch we decided to relax.

At about 3 I decided to go skim boarding but when I got to the beach I found the tide at the lowest point I had ever seen it. I kept looking out to the ocean to make sure that there wasn't a tsunami coming. The skim boarding wasn't very good so I only spent about 20 minutes trying. When I got back to the house I decided that I would clean out the pool because I wanted to get in and the storm had dumped a lot of leaves into the pool. After about a half an hour of cleaning I decided that it was good enough and hopped in. At about 6:30 we left to go and eat dinner at a place called the Beach Shack. The food was good, however, I have found that here in Australia they like to put barbecue sauce on meat lovers pizza. It is actually not that bad but I wound't like it on any other type of pizza. After dinner we made our way back to the house and capped the night off with a movie.