March 29th, 2015 - Port Douglas, Australia - Day 225

Our last full day in Port Douglas was a pretty dull one to be honest.  We did our typical things (workout, some work and some eating) but mostly we were all focused on getting our things back together so we would be ready for our travel day tomorrow.  

We did manage to walk to town to go to the Sunday market and have a look around for a sticker.  These walks are nice because they take about 45 minutes each way and give us a chance to talk to the kids or as a family without any distractions.  Peter and I talked the whole time about what things will be like when we get home and the choices he is going to have to make over the next couple of months.  Lea and Stacie spent the entire time planning a party for once we get home.  We can't wait to see all of our friends and thought throwing a big bash once we are back would be a good way to say hello. 

Our time here in Port Douglas has been wonderful.  The family feels connected and on the same page.  We are all pretty refreshed and ready to tackle our most challenging leg of the trip - Asia.  

Our final night dinner was at the Port Douglas yacht club, which sounds fancy, but is decidedly the opposite.  Our guide on the great barrier reef recommended it as a great little locals place so we thought it would be a perfect way to celebrate our last night, and it was.  The atmosphere was super relaxed and we had a great meal while watching the sun set over the harbor with the locals.